Cotton Reboot!

Release Date
July 20 2021
Metacritic Score
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YouTube Reviews

Cotton REBOOT! Nintendo Switch Review - A Bewitching Shmup?

SwitchWatch Review

Cotton Reboot Nintendo Switch Review! Sharp's X68000 Cute 'em up Remastered for Switch & PS4/PS5!

NintendoKid Review

Fantastic Night Dreams Cotton Reboot! An AWESOME HD Remake Of A Retro Classic! Switch REVIEW!

Madlittlepixel Review
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Cotton Reboot! Nintendo Switch Gameplay

Handheld Players Gameplay
eShop Sale History
Sale Period Price Discount
September 2021 $31.99 20%
November 2021 $29.99 25%
December 2021 $27.99 30%
March 2022 $23.99 40%
April 2022 $23.99 40%
June 2022 $19.99 50%
July 2022 $19.99 50%
September 2022 $19.99 50%
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