Dream of Tiny Snow

Release Date
Feb 14, 2023
Navila Software Japan
Single Player


Welcome to the "Dream of Tiny Snow"!

This is a trilogy of short science fiction visual novels in the anti-utopian genre, consisting of "Dream Ending", "Epiphyllum in Love" and "Tiny Snow".

《Dream Ending》

Humans are on the brink of extinction.

The Arks have abandoned us.

All I’m left with is my exams.

Suddenly, she demands that I ask her out,

wanting to face the inevitable together.

《Tiny Snow》

On a snowy mountain, in a wooden hut.

With the girl I love most.

She's the one for me,

I'm the only one for her too.

Even if it hurts, we can't be separated.

Is this free affection, or confined love?

Is it manipulated desire, or two souls taken away?

It's all up to you.

《Epiphyllum in Love》

As technology evolves, memories became controllable.

Subsequently, the soul becomes a commodity.

Every memory has a price and can be bought and sold.

The main character is a person who has sold his memory.

But there is always a girl in his mind who cannot be forgotten.

Who is this girl?

What was the past between her and "me"?

When all the memories are discarded,

What should we do to find our true selves?

Should we die with a beautiful fantasy?

Or should we search for the sad memories of her?

+ Several hundred thousand words of suspense adventure.

+ Beautiful character artwork and illustrations.

+ Full story sound acted.

twofutures Pty Ltd