Death Motel

Release Date
Jan 19, 2024
Playstige Interactive
Single Player


I'm Joe Salinger, a dedicated paranormal investigator. I couldn't resist delving into the rumors circulating about ghostly sightings at Crimson Motel.

The unsettling news revolves around a chilling incident from several months ago: a maniacal psychopath brutally murdered two teenagers within the hotel's walls.

In response, the management abruptly shut down the motel, citing "renovations" as a cover.

During the supposed renovations, a wave of eerie occurrences unfolded. Construction workers reported encountering apparitions, and some even suffered severe mental distress, compelling them to abandon their work at the site.

The enigma shrouding Crimson Motel piqued my curiosity; it's precisely the kind of mystery I thrive on.

Armed with my investigative prowess, I am determined to gather concrete evidence within the hotel's haunting confines. Backed by my comprehensive computer setup in the van, I will meticulously process all the information I collect. My ultimate goal is to capture undeniable proof of these spectral entities on video camera.

If I manage to record any ghostly apparitions, that would be my invaluable contribution to unraveling the secrets veiled within the Crimson Motel.

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