Color Road

Release Date
Apr 12, 2024
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Race around the track and collect the balls of your color to get as far as possible! Sounds easy? You wish!

Each time you jump over the ramp, the color of your ball changes! Pay close attention to the color of your ball and only touch the balls on the track that match yours. If you don't succeed, the ball bounces, and the game is over! As if that wasn't enough, the further you get, the faster your ball will start moving, and you'll have less time to react!

Looking for a greater challenge? Look no further! Up to 45 different challenges await you! Get a certain number of points in time, change the ball's color 10 times, or smash 15 red balls! You'll be rewarded with ball skins and roads for completing these challenges!

Play with a friend to compete in multiplayer mode and see who gets the farthest!


- roll the ball on the road as far as possible

- only touch balls of the same color as yours

- watch out for gates and color-changing ramps

- face off against another player in local multiplayer mode!

- complete all 45 challenges

- change the skins of balls, tails, and roads

- collect coins to buy additional lives

- train your reaction time to perfection!

How far will you be able to roll the ball? It's time to start the challenge!

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