Release Date
Mar 9, 2023
peakvox / O-TWO
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•Carry the parts and assemble a toy according to the plan!

"Chippy and Noppo" is an action puzzle that assembles parts into a toy!

Collect the parts in the factory, process the colors and shapes, and make the same toy as the blueprint.

"Even if it's a little different, you might be able to clear it...! ?

Because the factory manager is a bit careless."

•Let's join the power of two guys with different personalities!

Cheerful "Chippy" is good in low places.

Tall and easy-going "Noppo" is good at jumping.

The key to clarifying the game is the cooperation of both, using their individuality to split roles, and more!

In solo play, operate two guys at the same time!

Operate well and aim for the fastest clear!

In multiplayer, operate "Chippy" and "Noppo" respectively.

This is a place where you can chat, so let's play while talking to friends and family!

•A lot of fun in the factory!

The factory is full of machines!

Let's make full use of the machine by processing the color and shape of the parts, using them for moving, and more!

・Just like athletic!?

There are also factories that need action, like climbing high scaffolds, getting around at the right time, and not just assembling!

・Work at various factories!

Progress in the game, factories in the woods and seas will appear!

Let's assemble a toy that matches the image of the factory!

What kind of toys are those two really good friends going to make,

and what kind of future are they going to make?

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