Chimp Quest: Spirit Isle

Release Date
Mar 1, 2024
Ocean Media
Single Player


Embark on a heartwarming adventure in Chimp Quest: Spirit Isle. Join a group of resilient monkeys on a journey to find a new home, help them manage resources, rescue companions, and navigate through the diverse biomes found on the island.

Explore the depths of the island, uncover ruins, and meet other monkeys with unique tales. Gain trust by collecting mojos and offering them to the spirits. Help the monkeys appease the spirits and transform the island into a new home for them.

"Chimp Quest: Spirit Isle" combines strategic resource management, charming storytelling, and captivating visuals.

- Explore five diverse and beautiful biomes.

- Conquer objectives, collect mojos, and appease angry spirits.

- Uncover the mysteries and witness a heartwarming story.

- Time Management gameplay with a relaxing yet challenging balance.

- Discover hidden critters in each level, adding charm to gameplay.

- Adapt to changing biomes and landscapes for engaging gameplay.

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