Chill Panda

Release Date
Jan 29, 2021
Single Player


Baby Pandas grow up fast! Chill Panda is excited to go out into the world but feels worried about exploring alone!

Chill Panda heads to the beautiful island of Chillville near the sea where it’s said that a very calm and wise panda lives.

Discover the secrets of the island. Help Chill Panda manage fear and worry. So that nothing can stop Panda from having fun!

- Fill Chill Panda’s Well of Wellbeing by drinking water and chewing bamboo

- Meet the villagers and help them out by farming and clearing the land

- Use your senses to catch fireflies

- Create colourful pictures and to decorate Chill Panda’s home

- Earn coins by completing tasks to buy furniture and equipment for Panda’s home and garden

- Release energy at the beach by surfing the waves or banging on the drums

Adult Section

Chill Panda is based on a unique mobile application championed by the National Health Service (NHS) digital app store in the UK. It was designed in collaboration with a child psychologist to teach children to manage their feelings and stay healthy. It introduces the importance of activity, relaxation and distraction to cope with difficult emotions. Chill Panda also encourages healthy habits such as regularly drinking water and sharing your feelings with others.

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