Cape's Escape Game 2.5th Room

Release Date
May 27, 2021
Single Player


――Today's guest is Koji Akeyo.

Hi, everyone. I'm Koji Akeyo.

――Let's get down to business. Could you tell us about the paranormal phenomenon you encountered, Akeyo?


It happened one summer night. I finished the move and was feeling tired. I was just thinking to myself, gosh I'm exhausted.

――Uhm, Akeyo?


――Could you please stop talking like Jun〇 Inagawa?

I practiced but...I can't pull it off, can I?

――No, you can't really.

Awww, that makes me feel so blah.

――Come on, you can't say 'blah' either. You're already in your 20s for god's sake.

Darn……Uhm, I took a bit of a break, then played an escape game. It's an app called "Cape's Escape Game".

――Oh, that popular game reputed to be hilarious. That "Cape's Escape Game".

That's right. Such a reckless game. That professional voice actor is in it.

(The rest abridged)

――Just got scolded because our self-written, self-enacted dialogue was too long. So, tell us more.

So, I finished the game and was writing a review that “Cape was so cute. I hope he visits my place, too.”

Then, you wouldn't believe what happened next…

――And that's all we have time for today.

WHAT!? But I was just about to get to the good part. It came out of nowhere, like swoosh. You sure you don't need to hear more?

――Remember to check out the rest in the game.

Wait, seriously!? We're leaving things off like this!?

Akeyo leaves a comment, without thinking, about how she wants Cape to come over to her place. Sure enough, she gets trapped by Cape. The game creator, with 0 ideas of what girls really like, created a girl's room, thinking "I guess I should just use pink furniture for now". Try your best to help her escape from here.

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