BATSUGUN Saturn Tribute Boosted

Release Date
Jul 26, 2023
City Connection
1 to 2


BATSUGUN: a shoot-em-up!

Level up by defeating enemies and become stronger with experience!

Wipe out enemies with a storm of shots and bombers!

Aggressive bullet barrage shooter!

BATSUGUN: a dramatic shoot-em-up!

Experience a story with 6 unique pilots.

Depending on the character and teams you play with, dialogues and endings change!

Witness the war drama of the BATSUGUN crew!

BATSUGUN: a mechanical shoot-em-up!

The Revolutionary Army's battle tanks, fighter planes, and bipedal robots are approaching on land, at sea, and in the air!γ€€

The moment these massive mecha are engulfed in explosions and reduced to scrap sure is satisfying.

Don't take your eyes off the screen to see what enemy will appear next.

BATSUGUN: a score attack shoot-em-up!

Destroy all the enemies and find the hidden bonuses.

The online ranking has been increased from the arcade version.

Aim for a high score of over 100 million!

More BATSUGUN options for a more BATSUGUN experience!

The original mode brings back the excitement of the arcade version, while the special mode has been revised with balance adjustments.

Assist functions and customization will help you in the battlefields that await you!

[Assist functions for everything from redo to training]

Rewind to redo mistakes, save & load, choose your favorite stage and power-ups to start, retry with a remaining aircraft... those features that were not available in the original home version have now been added!

The score has also been extended for more challenge.

[Customize your gameplay with extra settings!]

The Boost Up HUD displays the experience gauge, the hidden bonus scores, the name of the currently playing BGM, and a playlist function that allows you to play with your favorite version of BGM.

Choose your favorite screen size from three screen modes: Home, Arcade, or Portrait screen.

[Newly Arranged Music Added!]

Newly arranged music by fantastic game music composers such as Shinji Hosoe, Yosuke Yasui, Hagane, Daisuke Matsumoto, and WASi303 has been added!

Enjoy the unique music of this title with the playlist function!


BATSUGUN is an arcade shooting game by Toaplan released in 1993, and a pioneer of the bullet hell genre. Revisit a classic of a game with its large number of bullets covering the screen, its easy concept, even for beginners, and its unique balance.


Batsugun: Saturn Tribute Boosted Review - Nintendo Switch

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