Archer 3D: Bow Shooting Range

Release Date
Apr 18, 2024
Single Player


In this addictive game, you will test your accuracy and dexterity as you become a true master of spear throwing and archery!

A variety of tasks await you, from simple static targets to complex moving targets. Each challenge requires you not only to master your skills, but also to think strategically to hit your target using the weapons available to you.

Don't forget to keep track of the number of shells! You have a limited number of spears, arrows and other projectiles, and using them wisely is the key to success. Try to hit all the targets before you run out of shells, otherwise you will fail the level.

Are you ready to take on the challenge and become the best shooter?

Key Features:

• Excellent practice for training accuracy;

• Many different tasks with varying difficulty;

• Different types of weapons - from throwing to small arms;

• Well-developed atmospheric locations;

• Various weather conditions and time of day;

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