Anime Girls: Highschool of Dead

Release Date
Dec 28, 2023
Halva Studio
Single Player


Step into a world where cute meets the undead in "Anime Girls: Highschool of Dead." Take on the role of an adorable high school girl braving hordes of relentless zombies and a variety of formidable enemies. With a diverse arsenal of weapons and a dash of anime charm, you're set for thrilling action.

Anime Girl Power: Customize your gameplay experience by selecting from a variety of anime girl skins, each with unique stats and starting weapons. As you progress, unlock more options to tailor your ideal zombie-fighting avatar.

Wave-Based Mayhem: Test your survival skills in intense, wave-based gameplay. Face increasingly challenging waves of zombies, requiring strategic thinking and precision to prevail. Each enemy type presents a unique challenge, adding depth to your combat strategy.

Looting Galore: Roam the high school grounds to find containers filled with essential supplies. Stock up on guns, health kits, and ammo to maintain your edge against the undead. The environment holds the key to your survival, with valuable resources hidden throughout.

Boss Enemies: Beyond the regular zombie foes, prepare for encounters with boss enemies. These larger and more powerful adversaries will challenge your combat skills and strategic planning. Overcoming these formidable opponents requires agility and tactical prowess.

Survive, thrive, and restore the high school to a safe haven in "Anime Girls: Highschool of Dead." Are you ready to single-handedly take on the undead and bring peace back to the halls of academia?

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