Adventurous Mind

Release Date
Nov 8, 2023


Alfred Hitchcock - Vertigo

Alfred Hitchcock - Vertigo transports you into an immersive adventure game based on the cinematic masterpiece of the same name. Play as Scottie Ferguson and explore beautifully recreated environments as you follow the film's enigmatic plot. Face your own fears, solve complex puzzles and uncover the secrets hidden behind the veil of mystery.

Beyond a Steel Sky

Immerse yourself in a dystopian future with Beyond a Steel Sky, an exciting adventure that propels you into a high-tech metropolis. As Robert Foster, discover the mysteries of a society ruled by artificial intelligence and explore a city where technology and power intertwine. Make crucial choices, interact with memorable characters, and uncover a conspiracy that threatens the balance of the world.

Syberia 3

In Syberia 3, join the intrepid Kate Walker in a new adventure full of mystery. Explore enchanting landscapes, meet fascinating characters, and embark on an epic journey through faraway lands. Solve complex puzzles, discover the secrets of the Syberia universe and make decisions that will shape your destiny.

With this bundle, you'll have the opportunity to plunge into captivating worlds, explore deep plots and experience unforgettable adventures. Feel the adrenalin of Hitchcockian suspense with Alfred Hitchcock - Vertigo, plunge into a disturbing future with Beyond a Steel Sky and embark on a captivating story with Syberia 3. Get ready to immerse yourself in exciting stories and unique gaming experiences.

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