The best 4 player games on the Switch

features 2020-06-24T19:44:13 By Tim Hanlon

The Switch’s Joy-cons lend themselves to four-player couch co-op, and thankfully the library is packed with great games for when you’ve got three friends over (though we hope you’re practicing sound social distancing).

There’s solid contenders in the Switch eShop from every genre you can think of – ARPGs like Diablo III, fighting games like Super Smash Bros., beat-em-ups like Streets of Rage 4, sports games like Super Mega Baseball 3, platformers like Rayman Legends, racers like Horizon Chase Turbo, twin-stick shooters like Assault Android Cactus, and puzzlers like Mini Metro (to name a few).

Just take care before you buy, as some games support four players online but only two players locally, like Borderlands. We’re planning an update to our database to better represent games with these limitations.

Here’s a list of all the games in our Switch game database which support four players – ranked by their Metacritic score.

273 games found

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