This week in Switch #10 – Blizzard joins the party

news 2018-08-17T20:11:08 By Tim Hanlon

We’re continually working on our Switch game database: you can now see prices on Amazon & Best Buy, which are updated every hour. This listing for Super Mario Odyssey is a good example. In the coming week, we’re working on adding Walmart prices, full-text search so you can search for a specific game, and some other stuff we’re not ready to talk about.

The biggest news this week is the announcement of Diablo III: Eternal Collection for the Switch. Blizzard is utilizing the Switch to its fullest, supporting local wireless, cloud saves via Switch Online, and targeting 60 frames per second.

In more news from Blizzard, senior producer Pete Stilwell says Overwatch is “feasible” on the Switch. That was obvious thanks to Paladins, but it’s promising to see another major company getting behind the Switch. Will we eventually see a simultaneous release from Blizzard like Bethesda’s Doom Eternal?

Rumors of a New Super Mario Bros. U release for the Switch are doing the rounds thanks to an article on Comicbook. At this stage, it’s safe to say Nintendo will bring most of its first-party Wii U exclusives over to the Switch, so we’re not sure what the fuss is about this.

GigaBoots on YouTube has posted a thorough analysis of the input lag of the Mega Man X series across various platforms and releases, including the Mega Man X Legacy Collection on the Switch:

For those of you still keeping up with the barrage of limited physical releases, Snake Pass is getting a physical release courtesy of Super Rare Games, and West of Loathing is currently available on Limited Run Games – there’s also a Collector’s Edition limited to 2,000 copies, which includes a poster, playing cards, CD soundtrack, a cloth map of the game world, a “SHERF” badge and a cardboard Cactus Bill.

A demo for Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is now available on the eShop, with three quests and support for local and online co-op. Bizarrely, these demos are targeted at existing Monster Hunter fans rather than newcomers – there is nothing in the way of a tutorial, and the third quest is reportedly much harder to finish in the demo than the full game.

A listing for a Switch version of Super Street: The Game has appeared on UK retailer Game. Based on this recent physics trailer, it’s yet another arcade racer, but fans of racing games are so starved for Switch games at the moment that we assume it will do well:

Plenty of announcement trailers hit YouTube too:

Gear.Club Unlimited 2

Road Redemption

Songbird Symphony

Surgeon Simulator CPR

The Messenger

Metallic Child

My Memory of Us



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