Out this week in the US eShop – January 21, 2019

news 2019-01-21T11:41:05 By Tim Hanlon

There are 18 games scheduled for release in the US eShop this week.

Turn-based tactics with Nazis.

Another Kemco RPG.

Top-down death-match with online multiplayer.

A horror point-and-click adventure.

An ode to Ghouls ‘n Ghosts.

A puzzle game which originated on the iPhone, circa 2010.

A puzzle game with versus multiplayer.

A puzzle-platformer.

A pixel-art metroidvania.

A twin-stick shooter with zombies.

A stylish single-player adventure.

A cute puzzle-platformer with co-op.

A free-to-play battle arena from the developers of Paladins.

A point-and-click adventure.

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