Mega Man 11 demo now available in the US and EU eShop

news 2018-09-07T00:06:25 By Tim Hanlon

In an announcement which was likely meant to coincide with today’s Nintendo Direct, which was rescheduled due to the earthquake in Hokkaido, a demo for Mega Man 11 is now available in the eShop.

In a testament to the poor user experience of the eShop, this isn’t something you’ll be able to find if you don’t know it’s there – you’ll need to manually search for “mega man” to find the Mega Man 11 listing, and then hit the Download Demo button.

Capcom is running a social media competition in parallel with the demo, asking players to share their victory over Block Man with the #BustBlockMan hashtag.

Each successful victory will help chip away at a statue of Block Man (and the ego he’s built up for himself). The more people play and succeed, the more the statue will chip away! If enough people defeat Block Man, everyone who’s played the Mega Man 11 demo will get a small reward of single-use items they can redeem in the full game!

The demo weighs in at 221MB, and is available from all US and EU eShop regions, which includes Australia.

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